Recreational: Parent/Spectator Guidelines

Being an Elite Parent/Spectator Guidelines

·       Respect: No circumstance, situation or emotion shall undermine the ability to conduct oneself in a respectful manner at all times. This respect shall be displayed towards everyone, to include but not limited to: Referees (Center and Assistant), Players, Parents, Elite FC Coaches, Elite FC Board and Staff, Opposing Teams Coaches, and Opposing Teams Parents & Players. Please commit to refraining from engaging or creating any hostile environment. 

·       Positive Engagement: Help to create a positive experience with the team, players and parents.  Please refrain from any comments or direction that could be perceived as destructive, demeaning, and degrading or otherwise be misconstrued as negative and harmful.

·        Encouragement: Encourage your child, in positive ways, to do their best and have fun. Give consistent encouragement and support to all children regardless of the degree of success, the level of skill or time on the field. Leave coaching to coaches and do not criticize coaching strategies or team performance. Avoid putting pressure on children about playing time and performance.

·        Housekeeping: Please remember to pack out all you packed in. Take pride in our green spaces and organization by demonstrating good citizenship, picking up after pets and children.

·        Goals: Please refrain from allowing children to play or climb upon goal posts. It is a safety issue and causes damage to equipment. Help the community by speaking up when you see a child climbing on goal posts.

·        What to Bring: Utah Fall and Spring seasons bring an array of weather events and elements. Be prepared with blankets, coats, gloves, chairs, umbrellas and rain jackets. Foldable wagons are a helpful way to pack your things on and off the field.

·        Share the Sidelines: Game fields and times can be scheduled back to back. Please show respect for the next game by exiting the sideline as promptly as possible.

·        Communication: Everyone’s time is valuable; please show respect to your Coach by communicating if your player cannot make a practice or game.

·        Volunteer: Soccer, like many youth sports, does not happen without the effort of Volunteers in our Community. Please reach out the Elite Board of Directors if you are interested in becoming a part of the Elite FC Parent Volunteer Committee.

·        Social Media: Elite FC Board and Staff are committed to providing an organized and positive soccer program for Tooele County. Please refrain from using social media as a means of venting frustrations. Instead, please email your concerns, questions or frustrations to a member of the Board of Directors to work together for a solution.

·        Fun: Soccer is FUN and Elite FC is dedicated to creating a safe space and environment for the children of our community to come out and have FUN!