ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Derrick Jones, March 2016

Hello Everyone!

It's time for our club's Annual General Meeting! Anyone and everyone in the club is invited to attend but we'd love to have at least one parent and one coach from each team there to represent their team and participate in the voting process. Here's the details...

Elite FC Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Contact your coach for directions or see the CONTACT US tab on the Navigation bar to the left

General Elections: There are several positions on the Elite FC Board of Directors which are up for elections at the AGM this year. Those positions include: Director of Coaching (current: Stephen Duggan), Vice President (current: John Graber), Field Coordinator (current: Jonathan Hinckley), U9-11 Girls Rep. (current: Karli Smith), U12-14 Girls Rep. (open), and Tournament Director (NEW). If you are interested in any of these positions please let me know and come prepared to present yourself at the meeting.

Amendment to Bylaws: I will email this out prior to the meeting but we will be voting on a proposal to amend the bylaws in regards to compensation of the Board of Directors.

UYSA Updates & Changes: There are several changes and that are about to happen across the state through UYSA. We will have up to date information about those changes and a recap of the UYSA AGM going on this weekend.

Club Direction & Input: There will be an overview of the current state and future of the club as well as time for questions, comments, ideas, etc to be brought to the Board.

Elite FC Voting: Per the club's bylaws, each team has the potential of 2 votes at the AGM. One of these votes will be filled by a coach and one by a parent representative of each team. No single person will be allowed to vote more than once. Voting at the AGM will be by majority of those in attendance so please make sure your team has representation so your voice can be heard. And of course there will be refreshments! :-)


2016 LEAGUE CHANGES - Derrick Jones, September 2015

Hello Elite Players & Parents!  

I hope your fall soccer season is going well. There's a couple of items I wanted to get out to everyone so please take note of the following...  

Elite FC Board & Club Communication This past year the Elite FC Board of Directors went through some changes to help accommodate us moving from a small to a larger sized soccer club. We now have over 400 players on over 30 teams! In this new organization there are now representatives for each age group that are available to help with your questions, etc. Please have a look at the attached chart and feel free to contact the board whenever needed. The members of the Elite FC Board are all awesome and here to help!  

New US Soccer Rules & Team Meetings If you're on the soccer grapevine then you've heard rumors of a few big changes coming to soccer next spring throughout the United States. In order to get everyone on the same page with these new rules we are scheduling team meetings this fall at which I will review these changes, discuss our club's plans to deal with them, and answer any questions that you have. Your coaches are scheduling these team meetings with me and will let you know when to plan on attending. Please have at least one parent per player attend this meeting so you can understand the new rules and how the changes will effect you.